Ivema Desarrollos

Leading equipment at the service of biotechnology

Ivema is an Argentine company focused on the production and engineering of highly complex PCR equipment with international standards. Our main objective is to achieve high quality equipment, with reliable design, easy to operate.

Ivema on Argentina

National reach

30 years of experience and teams distributed throughout the country allow us to guarantee an excellent commercial service and technical assistance to all our clients.

Tub Q20

Q20 Electrophoresis tub

Our robust and elegant horizontal electrophoresis tub with gold plated connectors and platinum electrodes provides excellent safety and reliability for the molecular biology laboratory.

Innovar 2013 Award

In this edition of the National Innovation Contest, the T21 thermal cycler has been highlighted for its developed technology and recognized as an innovative product 2013.

T21 Thermocycler

The new thermocycler with gradient and interchangeable block of 96 tubes, manufactured to meet the needs of the national and international scientific market, offers the best performance at the best possible price.

C9 Cabinet

C9 Cabinet

Our excellently designed, elegant and functional PCR assay sample preparation kit makes it easy to operate and offers safe sample handling.

Termobloque BK24

BK24 Thermoblock

New equipment for isothermal amplification by dry bath BK24, designed under the specifications of the company PB-L Productos Bio-lógicos and Chemtest.